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Identity & Access Management Services

In today’s digital world, the firewall-based perimeter protection we have trusted for so long, is no longer sufficient. Today, security concerns and increased user mobility, that so many workers do their work outside company facilities and firewalls, has demanded a new approach. Identity and access management systems seem to be providing answers instead, the identity is becoming the new perimeter in zero-trust-based approaches.


Data and applications are spread across multiple environments. People, applications, and “things” access these data and applications from everywhere. Our identity has become critical in cybersecurity. Only trusted users with the right credentials should be granted access to the relevant resources. Identity is the new perimeter.

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SecureIPX guides customers on designing and structuring their work around Identity Access Management (IAM). People, processes and technology are all equally important. User experience and appropriate security measures are implemented based on the organization’s infrastructure and environment.

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